We are the pioneer tissue advertiser in Malaysia who provide advertising services using pocket tissues in a very cost effective and high quality service. Tissueking.com is a specialist in pocket tissue advertising medium to promote brand awareness, brand recall and to stimulate consumer behaviour. We are dedicated to providing quality products and excellent service at competitive prices.

At Tissueking dot com, we specialise in using personalised pocket tissues for all your promotional and advertising needs. To find out how you can use promotional pocket tissues to maximise returns at minimum costs, do contact us now!


Our Business Concept

The concept of tissue advertising in Malaysia is still new, but its effects are spreading fast across the nation. If your organization is in need to create awareness of your products, service offerings, or promotions, a mass distribution strategy of tissue advertisement will ensure that your message gets to the general public. It benefits all kind of business industries from restaurants to multinational companies to create brand awareness and marketing plans. We can assure you that your brand is been seen and feel in the people's hand.

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